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We are specialist  IFRS advisors. Our clients get high-quality advice from an advisor with whom they can build a close long-term personal working relationship.


 We offer tailored IFRS solutions to our clients.  Our clients can expect balanced views that combine technical excellence, commercial insight and the personal touch of a trusted advisor.

Our offering includes:

Consultation on IFRS

It is necessary to understand the options available in terms of accounting standards before structuring a transaction or arrangement. We can guide you through this process.

IFRS Opinions

IFRS is inherently complex and requires judgement to apply. We prepare opinions on the application of IFRS to specific transactions or arrangements.

Financial statements quality review

We perform detailed reviews of financial statements for compliance with IFRS disclosure requirements.

Assistance with queries from auditors or regulators

IFRS requires judgement and insight as to the commercial substance of arrangements. These interpretations may be subject to disputes. We assist entities to respond to queries from auditors and regulators to minimise such disputes.

Advice on the implementation of new standards

IFRSs are dynamic and change regularly. We assist entities to consider the impact of new standards and interpretations on their businesses and implement changes if required.


We advise on the application of IFRS in a wide range of industries. The industries, transactions and areas in which we have experience include:

Investment funds

Real estate


Financial services

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate reorganisations

Financing arrangements and instruments

Complex business model and transaction structuring

Employee share incentives

Financial instruments

Business combinations


Revenue recognition in various business models

Consolidation and reorganisation



We aim to build a long-term working relationship with each client. Our regular clients include:

Medium to large corporates

Accountants and auditors

Law firms

Governments (including tax authorities)

Prof Pieter van der Zwan

Pieter is a chartered accountant (CA(SA)) who holds a master’s degree in commerce (tax). He is an associate professor at a South African university. He is the author of chapters in various textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, and articles in industry publications. He has been practicing as an independent advisor since 2010. He serves on technical committees of various professional bodies.


Accounting for VAT on leases

Accounting for VAT on leases

The accounting treatment of VAT was considered by the IFRS Interpretations Committee (the IFRIC) during some of its meetings in 2021. More specifically, the committee considered a request that related to the treatment of non-recoverable VAT paid by lessees. Lessees...

Inventory write-downs: Estimated costs to sell

Inventory write-downs: Estimated costs to sell

IAS 2 Inventories (‘IAS 2’) requires that items of inventory must be measured at the lower of cost or net realisable value (‘NRV’). One of the inputs to determine NRV is the estimated costs necessary to make the sale. The IFRS Interpretations Committee (‘IFRIC’)...

Deferred tax assets for tax losses

Deferred tax assets for tax losses

Entities may find themselves in a position where they had tax losses due to the weak economic conditions, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. In many instances the effect of the lockdown and resulting regulations have exacerbated this. In addition, some normally...

Accounting for cryptocurrencies

Accounting for cryptocurrencies

Over the past year or so, the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) have discussed how cryptocurrencies should be accounted for. The IFRIC considered two aspects in this regard, namely holding of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO). This article briefly...

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